Since we started vacationing here in 1976, this place has always been the most fun and relaxing trip we take.

Our range of years at The Other Place began in the 1940’s with my family. It was called “Camp Giesecke” at that time and has always provided the fondest summer memories on the beautiful Comal!

Somewhere around year 40 at The Other Place. New games, new memories every time.

Very spiffy – a trip we will never forget.

we shot all the chutes – we spanked all the toots – we slept & drank & spent all our loot. Now we all begin the long drive – we hope the kid’s cries don’t give us hives – and our next trip we’ve planned before home we arrive.

Beaumont, Texas 275 miles

20+ years. Had a great time as always. Saw no ghost this time.

Houston, Tx Family Reunion!


We had a great team building

Whole Foods Market from Richardson

We tubed, we toured, we even saw lots of deer…but most of all we laughed & we had a wonderful time.

Ocean Springs, MS

So glad our Texas friends invited us!

The Canadians – 6/05

Tubin, laughin’ and cryin’. It’s all good.


About 30 years and still going…

The River City Rangers Football Club

A jam pack filled holiday with all the excitement & drama we’ll never forget.


Happy New Year. I totally love this room.


This condo is so awesome and comfortable! The only thing was the ghost @ night! No just kidding.”

New Braunfels, TX

Get away from it all while enjoying unique accommodations right along the banks of the pristine Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas. Our family-owned retreat has been entertaining couples, families, Winter Texans, and international guests for over 100 years. Guests of all ages will experience a relaxing “modern rustic” getaway – a unique sense of serenity right in the middle of a multitude of great entertainment opportunities. You’ll also love the customer service you receive at The Other Place. Come be part of our family.

Our resort is perfect for:

  • Tubing Trips
  • Family Vacations
  • Romantic Getaways
  • Company Retreats
  • Central for Hill Country Adventures
  • Sightseeing and Shopping
  • Winter Texans
  • Extended Vacation Rentals
  • Corporate Housing

THE OTHER PLACE – Four Decades of Tradition

“In 1975, four families began an annual weekend tradition at The Other Place. We were the Felbers, Hansels, Hendricks, and Robbins…four young couples with children from Houston. The Other Place was a perfect setting for families, set back from the main road, wonderful outdoor space covered with trees and dense grass, and cabins overlooking the Comal River. There began our long tradition of tubing, fishing, picnicking on the river bank, relaxing on the porch, and kibitzing in the central lawn area where families would meet and greet.

“We discovered that the community of New Braunfels was filled with history, unique architecture, and wonderful access to the river, parks, stores and eating places. One of our favorite activities on the river was tubing the “shoot” with all children in tow hooking tubes together so no one was left behind…well almost. When exhausted, we would lazily drift home along the Comal, over the rapids at Camp Warneke, and home to The Other Place. In the earlier days, we would pass by the rope swing hanging from a large cypress tree on the bank of the Other Place, where young and old would swing out and drop into the river to the delight of all.

“We developed many traditional activities around food, including dinner at Oma’s (the grownups once won the prize for the loudest table singing “In Heaven There is No Beer” in concert with the Seven Dutchmen Band), breakfast at Krause’s, cream puffs at Naeglin’s Bakery, late night circles through Sonic, and trips to Gruene for visits to Market Day, Buck’s Pottery, the drugstore for ice cream, and the Grist Mill where the kids romped to the outdoor band before dinner. The weekend culminated on Sunday morning with a homemade pancake breakfast, followed by one last chance to fish, and one more tube around the Comal.

“The annual pilgrimage never varied…always the weekend before Memorial weekend, just before the summer traffic. The weather treated us well more often than not, except for a few years where cold rain kept us off the river. But there were always other ways to stay entertained. We missed only one year in the 1980s when The Other Place flooded due to heavy rains causing the river to overflow.

“Our extended family has grown and flourished over the years with additional members and friends. As the children have grown up, married, and grandchildren arrived, the core of the group has shifted to the 2nd generation. One young family has grown enough to take over the Giesecke House. Another friend of the family met his future wife on the river, and they continue our tradition with their children.

“Sadly we have lost some of our dear family members, but they are still with us in our hearts and memories. Now we are three generations deep, each one carrying on the tradition and making new memories as we reach 40 blessed years at The Other Place.”